Unofficial Dell Linux yum repository broken

Michael_E_Brown at Michael_E_Brown at
Mon Jan 29 16:09:22 CST 2007

Ok, I have added a cron job to update the RHEL repositories using the old yum metadata format. 

The repos should be up to date now. Can you please check it out?

Note: I am still working on the meta-rpm problem.

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> Sorry, I was going through and removing old compat crud because we
> dropped FC3 & FC4. I stopped producing the old, back-compat yum metadata
> because I thought all the distros I now support use the new format.
> Turns out that RHEL3 still uses the old yum-arch style metadata.
> I will add this back in shortly.

It turns out that RHEL4 also needs the old format, so please add it there 


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