RHE 4 on PE1950 with NO Dell CD

Kris Haight khaight at online-buddies.com
Fri Jan 26 08:23:56 CST 2007

No, I am using the CDs that came with the machine.

Let me download update 4, and I will let you and the list know.

Thank you! 

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Hi Kris,

   I have not installed on a 1950 yet but I have on 2950 and 2900 with
no problems. Are you using update 4? Is it the PERC5 or the SAS5
internally? I think both should work fine, both megaraid_sas and mptsas
drivers are in the newer kernels.


On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 08:56 -0500, Kris Haight wrote:
> Hey-
> I'm just found this list.. thanks dell. I wonder if this question has 
> been asked before, and if it has.. please excuse the newbie-ness of 
> the question.
> I have several PowerEdge 1950s, and we're trying to install Red Hat 
> Enterprise Server onto these machines WITHOUT using the dell 
> installation and server management CD.
> We do not like to use this CD because partitioning is difficult, and 
> this CD does NOT allow you to deselect packages, so we're stuck 
> installing a buncha stuff we don't want on our servers.
> Is it possible to install this way? If I boot off the redhat CD 
> directly, the OS does not find the any hard drives due to it not 
> having the correct driver for the SAS card. I know I can download the 
> driver from Dell, however its a floppy image, and my 1950s do not have

> a floppy drive. (I've tried a USB Floppy and RHE does not see it).
> Any ideas, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in Advance!
> - Kris
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