UNOFFICIAL release, OMSA c.5.1 CentOS 4.4 LiveCD.

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> > What are the chances of getting firmware update tools on the same CD.
> > Similar to the SNAP CDs from a couple years ago.  The SNAP 
> > CDs were the ticket.  Update BIOS, ESM, scsi controller/PERC 
> > BIOS, hard disk firmware, backplane firmware, all at once 
> > from one bootable CD.  
> > 
> > ( or bring back the SNAP CDs :)
> > 
> Christopher, and all who second, third etc. on this...

1:  I hate it when I roll out a new tool and all the users say is, "Can
we get feature A also", without acknowledging the existing work.  I did
the same thing to you, sorry about that.  The bootable CD is awesome,

> I have been playing with the idea of using:
>  a) The firmware-tools,  
>  b) A firmware repository like , and hopefully in the future mirrors. 
> Boot the CD auto/manual network config and simply run:
>  # "yum -y --enablerepo=firmware-repo install $(inventory_firmware -b)"
>  # "apply_updates" 

Possibly, add current rpms to CD and be able to also do a "yum update
--repo=foo" for the best of both worlds?

> This way we would have a static CD that should/could work on any
>  system, Dell, HP, IBM, Servers, Desktops, Notebooks etc. As long as
>  the repo is kept up2date the latest patches/FW's will be applied.
> But I AFIK firmware-tools is not mature enough yet, firware for BMC,
>  RAID Controllers and probably a lot more need to be added. Looking at
>  the firmware-tools mailing list activity I guess development is not in
>  "fast forward" mode... E.g I belive more people contributing would
>  help.    <--- Hint! ;)

Do you know why the SNAP CDs were discontinued?  They seemed dead simple
to do.  DOS bootable, run the existing BIOS and firmware programs from
a .bat script.  They were the best thing since sliced bread.  I even
recommended the current version ship with every new server.  The only
problem with them was nobody knew about them or how to get them.

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