XENSource Support

Robert Lazzurs rob at lazzurs.net
Thu Jan 25 13:48:40 CST 2007

If you are looking to use XenSource as in XenEnterprise then this will
be an issue (one of the things that has stopped me using
XenEnterprise) as they have not fully intergrated support for such
things yet, however given that their product is based on RHEL I would
imagine that one of the companies involved is working on this.

On 25/01/07, Patrick_Boyd at dell.com <Patrick_Boyd at dell.com> wrote:
> I've been testing with SLES 10 off and on for a year now using the xen
> kernels and I haven't had any issues with the PERC 4's or PERC 5's. One
> thing to note is that RAID managment and monitoring needs to be done from
> domain 0.
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> Hi,
> Could you direct me to the right fourm to find out DELL Storage
> Cards/drivers that will work with XenSource,  www.xensource.com.     The one
> I am looking at now is the PERC 5/I SAS.
> Thanks,
> Ron Mabe
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