UNOFFICIAL release, OMSA c.5.1 CentOS 4.4 LiveCD.

Christopher McCrory chrismcc at
Wed Jan 24 18:54:46 CST 2007


On Wed, 2007-01-24 at 20:48 +0100, Harald_Jensas at wrote:
> !! This is an UNOFFICIAL release, use this LiveCD at your own risk. !!
> Purpose of this LiveCD:
> Make management and diagnostics tools for Dell PowerEdge Servers,
> PowerVault Storage and Precision Workstations available for
> systems running non-Dell supported operating systems.


What are the chances of getting firmware update tools on the same CD.
Similar to the SNAP CDs from a couple years ago.  The SNAP CDs were the
ticket.  Update BIOS, ESM, scsi controller/PERC BIOS, hard disk
firmware, backplane firmware, all at once from one bootable CD.  

( or bring back the SNAP CDs :)

> The CD has the following tools installed:
>         - Dell OpenManage Server Administrator v.5.1 + srvadmin-storage-5.1.0-392 update. (No DRAC support.)
>         - Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager v 1.18-00
>         - Dell PowerEdge Diagnostics v 2.7.0-193
>         - Stop Server Administrator Services before starting
>           Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager.
>         - Remember to umount any manually mounted volumes.
> !! This is an UNOFFICIAL release, use this LiveCD at your own risk. !!
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