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> On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 09:28:23AM +0000, Mark Watts wrote:
> > "racadm" on its own will give you a list of commands you 
> can throw at 
> > the local DRAC card. The -r option is only necessary if you want to 
> > configure a remote DRAC.
> > 
> > getniccfg and setniccfg will query and set the DRAC's IP 
> Configuration.
> [root at nlbet05 root]# racadm getniccfg
> racadm getniccfg:: transport failed
> [root at nlbet05 root]# racadm setniccfg
> racadm setniccfg:: transport failed
> > 
> > tm is where the documentation sits.
> Thanks... I think!  The "Command Line Reference" tells me 
> about an omconfig command.  The rest of it... I don't see any 
> references to racadm or how to make it work.
> Dell would do well to look at how HP handles this stuff.  I 
> had SIM up and running and monitoring all of my servers in an 
> afternoon.  I've been beating my head against the Dell stuff 
> for a couple of days now, and haven't made any headway :-(

Depending on what DRAC you have you need at least one of these: (At least I hope they will nag for the needed dependencies :)

srvadmin-rac3-components-<version>.rpm  (DRAC III)
srvadmin-rac4-components-<version>.rpm  (DRAC 4)
srvadmin-rac5-components-<version>.rpm  (DRAC 5)

All the rpms you need is in this package:

The easiest way to install is:
Extract and move to the linux/supportscripts/ folder and run the "" script.
Make sure you select the RAC (Remote Access Controller) components.

And last make sure that all services start sucessfully. Use start|stop|restart (v5.0 and older) or dsm_om_connsvc start|stop|restart (v5.1 and later)

I hope this helped, if not feel free to send me a DSET report from your system off list. Then I can have a look at logs etc. and maby see what is missing. 
You will find DSET here:
 - See the README for instuctions, but e-mail me the report instead of uploading it to the dropbox. Thank you! :)

Harald Jensås

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