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John Oliver joliver at
Wed Jan 24 12:01:56 CST 2007

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 09:28:23AM +0000, Mark Watts wrote:
> "racadm" on its own will give you a list of commands you can throw at the 
> local DRAC card. The -r option is only necessary if you want to configure a 
> remote DRAC.
> getniccfg and setniccfg will query and set the DRAC's IP Configuration.

[root at nlbet05 root]# racadm getniccfg
racadm getniccfg:: transport failed
[root at nlbet05 root]# racadm setniccfg
racadm setniccfg:: transport failed

> is 
> where the documentation sits.

Thanks... I think!  The "Command Line Reference" tells me about an
omconfig command.  The rest of it... I don't see any references to
racadm or how to make it work.

Dell would do well to look at how HP handles this stuff.  I had SIM up
and running and monitoring all of my servers in an afternoon.  I've been
beating my head against the Dell stuff for a couple of days now, and
haven't made any headway :-(

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