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1) You can use OMSA to configure the DRACs.

2) Dell IT Assistant is similar but it requires OMSA on each of the
servers that you want to manage. 

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1) There are several machines in our colo that have DRACs that are
either not configured, or are configured with some bizarro
IP/username/password  How can I, from the OS (RHEL 4), get into those
DRACs and fix them?

2) At my last job, I installed HP Insight Manager for a bunch of
Proliants.  Does OM have an app like that, that runs on one host and get
hardware info, trouble codes, etc. from all the others, and that lets
you push out firmware updates, etc?  What and/or where would that be?

I have the latest Service & Diagnostic, Installation & Server Mgmt, and
Systems Mgmt CDs, but it's kinda tought to tell which is what :-)

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