OMSA Via Satellite-Server/Kickstart?

Mark Watts m.watts at
Tue Jan 23 10:53:49 CST 2007

> Mark,
> That is what we did for our organization. We bundle it as an RPM. It was a
> simple process. Check out the command line arguments to the installer.
> The spec file that we used looks something like what is shown below.
> The pre section ensures that the prerequisite packages are installed.
> This worked well for us. Your milage may vary.
> Regards,
> -bill
> -- snip --
> %description
> This package wraps the OMSA installation and executes an express install
> (-x). %pre
> /usr/bin/up2date binutils
> /usr/bin/up2date net-snmp
> /usr/bin/up2date net-snmp-perl
> %post
> cd /tmp/OMSA
> sh linux/supportscripts/ -x
> %files
> %defattr(-,root,root,0755)
> /tmp/OMSA
> -- snip --

Ok, I think I have enough to work with now.

Thanks to all who replied.


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