Linux and megaRAID and DELL 2450

Marios Pittas marios_pittas at
Tue Jan 23 09:49:26 CST 2007

Many thanks to all those who have offered
information and ideas. Much appreciated.

I also spend some time here:

and did:

> [4] remove the PERC 2/DC and hook the disks up
> to the onboard aic7xxx
> SCSI controllers, and use software RAID with
> any distro you want.

Installing one of the distros right now - its a
breeze :) I did not remove the PERC board though,
I only moved the SCSI cable from the board to the
motherboard SCSI connector (the 2nd CPU is in the
way). As long as they forget about providing
drivers for the PERC 2/DC I be ok? :)

-- Marios

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