(PE 2950) getting Teperature of: CPU, HDD, System...

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Tue Jan 23 06:23:27 CST 2007

On Tuesday 23 January 2007 01:39, Ultraschall wrote:
> Hi everybody!

What I typically do (on centos-4, el4 clone) is:
 # yum install OpenIPMI.. ; chkconfig ipmi on ; service ipmi start
 # ipmitool sensor list
 # ipmitool sensor get

See below for comments on the different temperatures you were interested in.

> On my new PE 2950 I want to monitor Teperature of:
> - CPU

If you by this mean absolute temperature then it's not really possible since 
Intel nowadays report only a relative temperature. This new scale (AFAICT) 
defines negative temperatures as below the critical temperature for a cpu (0 
degrees). That is, -50 is ok (I think it means 50 degrees from critical). 
Note that this is for Woodcrests and newer (Xeon 51xx).

> - HDD

This can theoretically be extracted via SMART commands but the PERC 
controllers doesn't have a pass-through for commands such as smartctl :-( In 
fact, they sometimes suffer serious problems if you attempt to run smartctl 
on them (why they don't just ignore the for them unknown command is beyond 

> - System

There are a few sensors you can read, the most interesting (IMO) is the 
ambient temperature. Actually, double checking, the 2950 only reports CPU and 


> I tried to find temperatures using omsreport, but I found nothing.
> Could I receive this information using SNMP or IPMI?
> Thanks 4 Your Help!
> Ultraschall
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