Linux and megaRAID and DELL 2450

Marios Pittas marios_pittas at
Tue Jan 23 04:35:10 CST 2007

We are using a DELL 2450:
 - 2 x P3 766MHz
 - RAID option installed although at the momment
we are using only 1 x 18GB COMPAQ SCSI hard disk.
The final configuration will be 1 x 10GB for the
OS and 2 x 18GB COMPAQ SCSI mirrored for the
 - 512MB with anothet 512MB of memory on the way.

I am trying to install linux on the machine (any
distro would do really). We will only be using it
as our e-mail server (very very low volume) so we
feel it is enough for our needs - and we are
trying to avoid having to pay for a 3rd Win 2003
server liscence + mail server software costs! :(

I first attempted to use Fedora 6 but that failed
as anaconda could not see the hard disk during

I downloaded Fedora 4 and installed it
successfully. The only obvious difference was the
megaRAID driver installation which appears very
early before installing the SCSI card driver - a
first hint.

Windows XP also was able to detect the hard

Thus we started digging to the net and realised
the problem is with the LINUX drivers for the
megaRAID. I have downloaded also suse 10.x which
went through the same problem.

At the momment Fedora 4 is reporting:

- 2x 7899P U160/m PowerEdge Expanadable Raid
Controller 2/DC aic 7xxx Adapter
- MegaRAID LD0 RAID0 17278R

My preference would be to install one of the
latest distros.. I have already figured that its
an old topic, but I cannot imagine me recompiling

Can any one suggest any paths to explore? Your
help is greatly appreciated.

-- Marios

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