No storage info from OMSA 5.1 on Debian Etch

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Mon Jan 22 13:02:07 CST 2007

There are specific version of the mptlinux (aka mptscsi, aka mptsas)
driver needed in addition to the mptctl driver. First I'd make sure that
these modules are loaded and if they are and you still have problems
compare your versions to the drivers listed on 

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Dear list,
I happily managed to have OMSA 5.1 (grabbed from working on Debian testing (aka Etch).
The server is a PE 840 with two 160GB SATA disks attached to a SAS5iR
controller in a RAID0 configuration. Kernel has been properly compiled
from a vanilla 2.6.19.
I can get info for almost all subsystem, and also web interface is
working on port 1311 (many thanks to Sander Keemink for his precious

The only problem I have is that for the storage subsystem I am not able
to get any information. That is:
myserver:/opt/dell/srvadmin/oma/bin# ./omreport storage controller No
controllers found

Probably I am missing a kernel module or something else.
I would be grateful to anybody giving me some clue to fix this last


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