OMSA 5.1 on PE2650

John Hill hill at
Mon Jan 22 08:33:01 CST 2007

I realise that it's bad etiquette to answer your own post, but...

It seems that if I remove srvadmin-storage then dsm_sa_datamgr32d
runs OK and doesn't die. As I don't have an active RAID controller
on this server, the storage component is not critical (I was mainly
interested in the enclosure monitoring). However, the behaviour of
OMSA does seem to me to be unsatisfactory.

John Hill

John Hill wrote:
> I'm having problems with installing and running OMSA 5.1 on a PE2650
> running Scientific Linux 3 (this is a tailored RHEL3 - as far as OMSA
> is concerned it shouldn't know the difference). Using
> to do the installation, it fails because
> srvadmin-ipmi-5.1.0-354.rhel3 expects openipmi to be installed - despite
> the fact that the version of openipmi shipped with the operating system
> is identical to that on the CD ( recognises this
> and advises me to "do nothing" about updating openipmi).
> I got round this issue by installing srvadmin-ipmi-5.1.0-354.rhel3
> by hand, using the "--nodeps" option in rpm. Installing the other
> components was successful.
> When I start Server Administrator, all appears superficially OK
> initially, but dsm_sa_datamgr32d dies quickly and silently. I had the
> same issue with 5.0, and I found an item on a DELL forum which suggested
> a similar problem with 5.0 under Windows - which implies that there is
> an inherent problem with Server Administrator on a PE2650.
> Any thoughts welcome.
> John Hill
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