Confimation of method to create Logical Volumes on large drives

Cody_Sparks at Cody_Sparks at
Mon Jan 22 08:18:55 CST 2007

> Is this correct?
> Specifically, should I create the gpt partition /dev/sdb1 or 
> should I have just done a pvcreate of /dev/sdb and not 
> performed the parted commands?

Either way is fine.  If *all* of the space on the drive is being used
for LVM, you can just pvcreate /dev/sdb.  You would need to create
partitions if you had LVM and non-LVM partitions on the same disk
(example: / and /boot are /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2, and /dev/sda3 is an
LVM physical volume for the remaining partitions).

Creating a partition as you did won't hurt, it's just an extra,
unnecessary step if you are not going to put any more partitions on that


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