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Take a look at the documentation.  It does not support the "mode" in
which you have it configured currently.

Cabling Your Enclosure for Unified or Split Mode

How you cable your enclosure to your host controller depends on the
configuration you choose: unified or split mode.

              A unified configuration is one in which your enclosure
is connected to one host (for example, a server with a controller
card). In unified mode, your enclosure can be one of up to three
enclosures daisy-chained to a single port on the controller card in
your host server. See Figure 2-1 for a cabling diagram of a unified
mode configuration.

              A split-mode configuration is one in which your storage
enclosure is connected to either two host controllers, or two ports on
a single host controller. In this configuration, the drives are split
into two groups with eight drives controlled by one host controller
and seven drives controlled by the other host controller. See Figure
2-1 for a cabling diagram of a split mode configuration.

Hope this helps.

On 1/17/07, Greg Dickie <greg at max-t.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm setting up a PE2950 with a PERC5e connected to an MD1000 populated
> with 5 750G SATA drives. I have connected 2 SATA cables between the
> PERC5 and the MD1000 (for redundancy purposes). I configured 1 big vdisk
> using OMSA (omconfig) and everything looked great until I rebooted the
> machine. Then the controller started complaining about detecting
> "foreign" disks... OK but I would have expected that omconfig would have
> updated the config on the controller as well. So I did "omconfig storage
> controller action=importforeignconfig" and got my filesystems back
> (phew!). Today I noticed that OMSA was still complaining about a foreign
> config. Running "omreport storage controller" did not reveal anything
> unusual. I did notice, however that I see all 5 drives on both channnel
> 0 and channel 1 as I would expect. Now the fun part. I ran
> importforeignconfig again and it did it imported the same vdisk once
> again (same name, size,etc) AND started to initialize it! I suppose its
> because it sees the drives on both channels but it should know that
> those drives are already managed. Does anyone have any experience with
> this? It it caused by the 2 SAS connections?
> Sorry for the rambling,
> thanks,
> Greg
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