afacli equivalent for 2950 (PERC 5/i)?

Ray Van Dolson rvandolson at
Fri Jan 19 13:34:52 CST 2007

I'm trying to set up an automated install environment for the 2950.  One of
the hurdles is being able to automatically set up the PERC 5/i.  For our
configuration, all servers will have three disks and they need to be
configured as three separate virtual disks (so we can have sda, sdb, sdc
visible from the OS).

Occasionally these servers are coming off other projects and are preconfigured
as RAID5 with one virtual disk.

We typically must manually go into the PERC management utility and set up the
configuration we want.

I'm hoping there is a utility similar to afacli (for PERC3) that can be used
and perhaps called from the %pre portion of our Kickstart script to configure
everything as we want automatically.

Couldn't find anything on the 2950's download page however that seemed to fit
the description.

Anyone know if this utility exists or have any alternate approaches I could


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