Debian OMSA update

Sander Keemink sander at
Fri Jan 19 06:00:04 CST 2007



I'm working on a minor update of the Debian OMSA package and I thought
I'd open a thread where people can post needed changes to the package.

Only clear solutions to problems, please don't post your problem in this


You can also post changes needed for the amd64 package


Currently I've got the following changes:


Dependency to:

            Libxml2 (thanks to Dean Manners)

            Libstdc++5 (thanks to Tuomas Toropainen)


Created a link in /etc/sysconfig to OMSADIR/iws/bin/linux/omawsd.src

This is needed to start the OMSA webserver 






Sander Keemink

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