Raid configuration

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) Marshall.McDougall at
Thu Jan 18 13:27:47 CST 2007

I am in the process of allocating drive space in several new 2950's.
Each of these servers are to house DB's of some sort.  Each has a PERC
5/I, 6 X 146 gig drives and each will run RHES4.  I was thinking of 2

1 - mirrored pair of 146's for OS
1 - Raid 5 array with 4 x 146 for db's.  That would give me a disk of
about 440 GB.

Currently, the biggest DB is about 30 GB.   I figure there are just too
many ways that I can slice and dice it.  Any advice appreciated.

Regards, Marshall

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