Scaling my file server with my audience

Tino Schwarze linux-poweredge.lists at
Thu Jan 18 10:28:31 CST 2007

Hi Colin,

On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 10:28:42AM +1000, Colin Dermott wrote:
> I have been running a HTTP download site for free software on a single
> PowerEdge server for the past 13 months and it has now grown to the
> stage where I need to scale up, but I can't actually scale this
> machine any further (vertically).

First try to identify your bottlenecks. Do you saturate the network?
Where gets most of the time spent for the requests? Can your RAID
deliver the data fast enough?

There are some lightweight, high-performance web servers out there which
you might want to try (look for Gatling). It's possible that your
current setup is not maxed out yet.




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