OT: solutions for FTP proxy?

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Thu Jan 18 04:00:21 CST 2007

> G'day,
> This is not specifically PowerEdge related, or even Linux, so sorry for
> posting it here but I've so far been unsuccessful in finding other
> avenues...
> I'm looking for a replacement for our current FTP-Proxy solution which
> our provider will switch off by the end of the month. They're using the
> quite old Firewall Toolkit, which is probably not a very good solution
> even if I could find a place to download it (which I can't). The
> replacement must be a native-FTP, http-based FTP such as offered by
> Apache and Squid won't do as they don't allow command-line ftp clients
> to log in/pass through (or I'm missing something -quite possible). Suse
> had something apparently but I can't find the download site for it
> anymore -maybe Novell canned it when they bought them out?
> The question is: does anyone on the list run an FTP proxy to allow
> outbound ftp traffic? Any suggestions as to where to look for
> information? (I did try Google..)
> I did find two products: Sambar Server, which stops just short of making
> the tea, and Trilent-FTP-proxy which requires that OS that we don't
> mention ;). Does anyone have experiences with one of those?
> Cheers,

You're not the only one to still be using the FWTK ftp-proxy.

The main problem is, ISTR, that proxying ftp like this is actually performing 
a "main-in-the-middle" attack in a controlled way, so no-one likes to do it 
anymore; hence the lack of software to do it.

The "modern" alternative is to use sftp over SSH, but that doesn't allow 
anonymous uploads very easily.

Having said that, a quick search brings up this article from 2002 with an ftp 
link that still works...



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