1950 w/dual QL2650 multipath question on RHEL4 ES U4

Ricardo Stella stella at rider.edu
Fri Jan 12 08:44:23 CST 2007

Appologies for asking the question again, but before, I just 'stole' a
thread before.  Since I got my hand slapped for it and told that the
thread consious group would ignore them, I'm asking again...

What's the prefered method to set up multipath ? We are attaching to two
cisco switches and then to a dual controller, dual port HP EVA4000.  So
I have four paths being seen by the two HBAs on the 1950 now. 

* should I set up one-to-one zones in the fabric switch ?
* should I just use qlogic's drivers to enable multipath (which seem to
support only static load balance) ?
* should I use device-mapper ?

HP said to go with qlogic multipathing.  Qlogic said to go with
device-mapper.  I haven't called Dell yet, but what would the list say
?  I only got one reply to my previous stolen thread and was to use

Thanks in advance...



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