OMSA 5.1 on PE2650

John Hill hill at
Tue Jan 16 05:15:57 CST 2007

I'm having problems with installing and running OMSA 5.1 on a PE2650
running Scientific Linux 3 (this is a tailored RHEL3 - as far as OMSA
is concerned it shouldn't know the difference). Using to do the installation, it fails because
srvadmin-ipmi-5.1.0-354.rhel3 expects openipmi to be installed - despite
the fact that the version of openipmi shipped with the operating system
is identical to that on the CD ( recognises this
and advises me to "do nothing" about updating openipmi).
I got round this issue by installing srvadmin-ipmi-5.1.0-354.rhel3
by hand, using the "--nodeps" option in rpm. Installing the other
components was successful.

When I start Server Administrator, all appears superficially OK
initially, but dsm_sa_datamgr32d dies quickly and silently. I had the
same issue with 5.0, and I found an item on a DELL forum which suggested
a similar problem with 5.0 under Windows - which implies that there is
an inherent problem with Server Administrator on a PE2650.

Any thoughts welcome.

John Hill

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