fault light on pe1650

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Mon Jan 15 11:19:27 CST 2007

On Monday 15 January 2007 15:52, Mike McDonough wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm running Linux 2.6.17-1.2142_FC4

You should probably upgrade, there are no more security updates for fc4.

> #1 on a PowerEdge 1650 which has an 
> fault light active.

Could be a semi-important entry in the System Event Log (SEL).

> In an effort to diagnose the problem, I'm attempting to 
> load either the OpenManage Server Administrator. I've successfully loaded
> the libsmbios package repository. I see that OMSA is supported only on Red
> Hat Enterprise Linux 3 & 4. and not Fedora Core. Is there an alternative
> that I can use to perform this diagnosis or is there a workaround?

You can list the sel with ipmitool (assuming that the 1650 has ipmi and that 
the fc4 ipmi driver supports it).

# yum install OpenIPMI
# modprobe ipmi_si ipmi_devintf ipmi_msghandler
...wait a few seconds
# ipmitool sel list

good luck,

PS. it's usually a bad idea to post with an empty subject
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