Clear foreign RAID config without rebooting

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Mon Jan 15 09:43:09 CST 2007

You need to either import or clear the foreign configuration before
trying to use the disks that are shown as foreign.
The command to do this is `omconfig storage controller
action=importforeignconfig controller=X` or `omconfig storage controller
action=clearforeignconfig controller=X` where X is the controller's ID.
After performing this step you should be able to use the disk as normal.
Patrick Boyd 
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Subject: Clear foreign RAID config without rebooting

I have a 2950 with RHEL 4 with 6 500gb dirves 5 in RAID 5 configuration
and 1 hot spare, one of the disks failed and the hot spare kicked in.
I know how to clear the foreign configuration from RAID controller but I
don't want to reboot whenever a disk fails is there an alternative
method to clear foreign config and assign new hot spare? 

I have tried using OpenManaged Server Administrator but it reports no
disks available for hot spare although it reports the new disk as



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