[omsa] SNMP trap source IP

Robert von Bismarck robert.vonbismarck at smart-telecom.ch
Mon Jan 15 08:41:58 CST 2007


I have sucessfully installed OMSA 5.1 on a PE1850 running Centos 4, and
it works fine, sending traps when I pull a PSU cable and so on.

Now my question is : is it possible to specify the source
adress/interface of the SNMP traps ?
We have a brain-dead management system, that only accepts one source
adress per system, and our management network is not the default network
on the system.

The interfaces are : 	eth0 -> production IP space
				eth0:1 -> management network IP space
				eth1 -> nfs back-end IP space

I already restricted net-snmp to use the correct interface, but the omsa
traps seem not to use this.



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