Dell PE 1855 Omreport not working

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Fri Jan 12 09:28:42 CST 2007

Can you send the output of `/etc/init.d/dataeng status`? If this service
is not present then none of the omreport or omconfig functionality will


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I've installed omreport (omacore, omilcore & dependencies), not the
whole OMSA package and i am receiving following error:

[root at uk-image-vz30 OMSA]# omreport storage vdisk

List of Virtual Disks on Controller  (Slot )

[root at uk-image-vz30 OMSA]# omreport storage adisk controller=0 vdisk=0
Invalid controller value. Read, controller=0
No controllers found.

[root at uk-image-vz30
Libsmbios:    0.8.0
System ID:    0x018A
Service Tag:  HWFL62J
Product Name: PowerEdge 1855
BIOS Version: A04
Vendor:       Dell Computer Corporation

Is Dell:      1

[root at uk-image-vz30 OMSA]#

snmp is not installed.
SCSI kernel modules are loaded and working properly.

Any Idea?



Adrian Gajan 

Adrian Gajan 
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