Ubuntu Poweredge 2900, OMSA Problems

Elliot Fuller puff_damagic_dragon at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 11 20:57:13 CST 2007

I managed to install the latest version of Ubuntu Linux on my dell Poweredge 2900. I have networking up and everything is great. I even tested to see if I could use the pre-boot tool to rebuild an array in case of a failure. It worked!My problem is that I must be aware of a disk failure if it is to occur. I had several roads to go down; the standard LSI Logic MegaCli software from the Perc 5/i OEM manufacturers, or OMSA. I tried using the RPM converter alien to make the MegaCli software work, but I didn't have any luck.Thus I used the OMSA port to debian found on this site http://linux.dell.com/debian_9g.shtmlI installed and got only a few errors.[: 212: ia64:unexpected operator[: 212: x86_64: unexpected operatorI figure as long as I can use OMSA to query my RAID status, I can write a script that will send me an email when it fails. (So I only need partial functionality) I ran a couple of commands to see how it would work out.#me at server:/home/#omreport chassis processorsProcessors InformationHealth : OkIndex             : 0Status            : OkConnector Name    : CPU1Processor Brand   : Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.00GHzProcessor Version : Model 6 Stepping 4Current Speed     : 3000  MHzState             : EnabledCore Count        : 2Capabilities      : 64-bit VT DBS HT Index             : 1Status            : UnknownConnector Name    : CPU2Processor Brand   : [Not Occupied]Processor Version : NACurrent Speed     : NAState             : NACore Count        : NAI also ran,#me at server:/home/#omreport storage vdiskList of Virtual Disks in the SystemController PERC 5/i Integrated (Embedded)ID                  : 0Status              : OkName                : Virtual Disk 0State               : ReadyProgress            : Not ApplicableLayout              : RAID-5Size                : 1,039.50 GB (1116154626048 bytes)Device Name         : /dev/sdaType                : SATARead Policy         : Adaptive Read AheadWrite Policy        : Write BackCache Policy        : Not ApplicableStripe Element Size : 64 KB
Great!However, I really need to know the status of the physical disks so I ran,#me at server:/home/#omreport storage pdiskError! Required parameter missing: controllerAnd I get the error above!Why am I missing a controller? I have a Perc 5/i Raid controller, is the system just not communicating with it?Will the virtual disk query tell me if one of the physical drives down? In other words, will it tell me if the array is degraded?If it can tell me if the RAID is degraded, I can make a script that checks every night using cron to tell me if the array is degraded. I really need this functionality!!Any suggestions?
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