2950 and RHEL 2.1

Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com
Thu Jan 11 14:00:46 CST 2007

No, you need atleast RHEL 3 Update 6 for support with 9G servers. You
might be able to find back ported drivers, but neither RedHat nor Dell
support this.


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We are refreshing several DB servers(current 2550 and 2650, and
replacing with 2950) and the powers that be want to only refresh the
hardware.  I am of the position that we should at the very least bring
the OS's up to scratch.  My biggest concerns in this mix are the RHEL
2.1 servers. Mainly, will 2.1 have built in support for the PERC 5/I,
the SAS drives and the NetXtreme NIC?  If anyone could enlighten me I
would appreciate that very much. Thanks.

Regards, Marshall 

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