Domainname lost after reboot on RHEL4 ?

Olle Liljenzin olle at
Wed Jan 10 10:21:28 CST 2007

Note that the domainname command is for the yp domain and not the
internet domain. Use the command dnsdomain in the latter case.

On RHEL systems the yp domain use to be defined in /etc/yp.conf and the
dns domain in /etc/hosts or the domain name server.

It might also be good to know that the topdomain 'local' is reserved for
multicast dns and using it will cause problems in the future.


Florent Gilain wrote:
> Hi all,
> On my new PE 2950 under RHEL4 ES 64 bits, when i run the command
> "domainname" it returns me "none".
> If i ussue the command "domainname mydomane.local" and reboot the server, it
> is lost.
> What should i do to keep my domainame after reboot ? I haven't this problem
> on my other servers...
> Thanks
> Florent
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