Newbie help on HBA load balance...

Ricardo M. Stella stella at
Tue Jan 9 23:21:32 CST 2007

Hi list...

I have a new 1950 with two QLogic single port HBAs (QLE2460). under RHEL4
ES-U4 x64.  They are attached to two fiber switches, and to a SAN.  I
installed the latest QLogic drivers and SanServer software also.  I am
presented with four paths (two on each HBA) for the storage.

Now I need to configure failover/load balance.  By default, the driver did
not support load balance, but I enabled it.  I was able to configure via
the SanServer software, but it seems to be only static load balance...

The other option would be to go with RH's multipath stuff which from what
I read would do round-robin load balance.  Would this be a better approach
than via Qlogic driver ?  What does it mean 'static load balance' ?

What's your experience ?



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