senser errors.

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Tue Jan 9 18:58:17 CST 2007

On 1/9/07, Kevin Foote <kevin.foote at> wrote:
>> ... tried to read block 143363863 and it failed ...
> The kernel reports 143374650 512-byte hdwr sectors before it gets into all
> the sense errors ...

143374650 <--- what the kernel thinks the block count is
143363863 <--- where the filesystem I/O error occurred

  The error occurs before the reported end of the disk.  Almost
certainly, the error is occurring before the proper end of the disk.

> Do you or anyothers have any thoughts on updating the firmware on a disk
> with data on it.

  Normally, a disk firmware update is non-destructive.  The firmware
release notes will warn you if the situation is otherwise.

  Always (*ALWAYS*) have a backup anyway.

-- Ben

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