how to run the 32-bit Dell diag on a server running Linux

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	Subject: how to run the 32-bit Dell diag on a server running
	I was instructed by tech support to run diag using the Dell
32-bit diag CD (Service and Diagnostic Utilities version 4.4). The Diag
CD itself has listed only MS Windows as the support platforms and is not
bootable.  What are my options? This got to be a FAQ...  

Go to
Select your system model, choose any OS (it doesn't matter, the diag
download is the same).  Expand Diagnostic Utilities and choose Dell 32
Bit Diagnostics.
Choose whichever version you need (Linux .bin or Windows .EXE) for the
machine on which you are CREATING the disc.  When you run that
executable, it will prompt you for media (floppy, USB key, CD ISO, etc)
to create the bootable diag media.  Then boot the server to that media.
The download is different for various system models (9gen and 6-8gen
models have 2 different downloads), so you may need to do this multiple
times to get diagnostic disks for your various systems.  The bottom of
the page should have a link for supported system models.
This 32-bit Diagnostic is preferred to the online diags (Service and
Diagnostic CD or OMSA diags).  This bootable CD is run outside of the
operating system environment, so is able to perform better tests of
system components such as the CPU or system memory.
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