PERC/5i - megasas - fs becomes read/only

Joe Malicki jmalicki at
Mon Jan 8 18:23:49 CST 2007

Hi Justin,

We're definitely seeing similar problems and are trying to get enough
data to isolate the problem.

Do you have the following information?

1. Specific kernel version (rpm package verison?).
2. Specific firmware "package build" version for megaraid controller
(there are at least two updated versions).  "MegaCli -AdpAllInfo -a0"
can tell you this.  There is a version 5.0.3-0001 released December 12th
that fixed additional problems.
3. Do you have the firmware log?  "MegaCli -FwTermLog -Dsply -a0" from
the time of the boot where it crashed, through after the next boot process?

The problem we've experienced after updating to 5.0.3-0001 seems like it
 *might* be a different bug than the problems we initially experienced
with the 5.0.1-0030 firmware, as it happens just after a battery relearn
(it's only happened once so far) and we see a backtrace in the firmware
log, which never appeared before.  It would be interesting to know if
you have a similar failure.


justin at wrote:
> As per the message posted by Andrew Hall in November, we have the same 
> issue.
> This is a new Dell 1950 with two SAS drives in Raid 1, fedora core 5, 
> 8gb memory.
> I've updated the PERC/5i firmware, it didn't make the slightest bit of 
> difference.
> With the right kind of disk activity, the machine freezes then the 
> console spits out the megasas: RESET line then a sequence of 'waiting 
> for commands to complete' then the filesystem goes read/only and the 
> machine is unusable.
> I've googled and see plenty of other reports but no obvious solution.
> -Justin
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