1655MC dropping the network

Matthew Schlosser mschlosser at eschelon.com
Mon Jan 8 16:45:23 CST 2007

My bad.

Debian stable/sarge with all updates.  Will go Etch or even unstable if I
need to. I updated the driver manually when this came up the first time.
Debian ships v3.10, Broadcom provided 3.66d so I upgraded it.  No change.  I
can roll about 50% of the expected load on to the system and get great
performance, but it flakes out at higher volumes.

I can push heavy bandwidth via TCP with no problems.  I'm trying to find a
good DNS load tester to see if there is a specific threashold at which it

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> On 1/8/07, Matthew Schlosser <mschlosser at eschelon.com> wrote:
> > Linux kernel 2.6.8
> > Tg3 NIC driver from Broadcom, compiled and installed as a module
>   Distribution?  Release?  Is that 2.6.8 vanilla, or the
> distribubtion's?  If distribution, are you current on updates?
>   I know the Tigon 3 chips, especially early ones, had hardware bugs
> that were later worked around in the device driver.
> -- Ben
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