Inconsistent OMSA vs Raidmon reporting of RAID status

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Mon Jan 8 10:18:40 CST 2007

On 1/8/07, Ben <bda20 at> wrote:
> Call me strange but I don't call a consistency check the same as a RAID
> array "Resynching".  For me "Resynching" implies some kind of
> data-reconstruction.  I'm happy to be disabused of this assumption, though.


  I don't really know for sure, but my assumptions are: (1) The
consistency check works by going through the entire RAID set and
reading all of the constituent blocks, and making sure the XOR/parity
information all matches.  (2) The consistency check not only looks for
inconsistencies, but also fixes any that it finds.

  If those assumptions are true, then there is no technical difference
between a "consistency check" and a "rebuild" (resync/transform/etc).
The difference is just one of circumstance and intent.  A "consistency
check" implies things are well and one wants to make sure; a "rebuild"
implies things are broken and one wants to fix them.  The actual
process is the same for both.

-- Ben

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