memory not availalbe megaraid2 w/ RHEL-3 2.4.21-40.ELsmp

Ben Russo ben at
Mon Jan 8 08:27:21 CST 2007

We use a cronjob every 30 minutes to monitor the health of the logical 
disks in the PERC raid setup on our Dell RHEL servers.

We have done this using "cat /proc/megaraid/hba0/raiddrives-0-9"
Which usually returns:
Logical drive: 0:, state: optimal
Span depth:  2, RAID level:  1, Stripe size: 64, Row size:  2
Read Policy: Adaptive, Write Policy: Write back, Cache Policy: Direct IO

However sometimes (for many hours on end) it returns:
memory not available.

Is this a bug or a problem, or just some message that I don't understand?
Is there a way to stop it from returning that and giving the proper output?

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