system fails to initramfs after reboot during build

sean finney sean at
Sun Jan 7 21:33:15 CST 2007

and to add a reply to my own mail.... :)

> chances are the installer detected your hardware as part of the standard
> hardware-probing, but wasn't smart enough to realize that you need the
> driver loaded from the initrd to be able to get to /.  so, you need
> to basically do something like the following before rebooting (or
> after booting from a rescue disk and mounting/chrooting stuff if it's
> too late):
> echo drivername >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
> update-initramfs -u -k all
> my memory is hazy on this, so use this as a reference when figuring it
> out on your own... but that should be it.  in my case (perc 5 di) the
> drivername is megaraid_sas.

also, keep in mind that device naming might be problematic in the case
of an updated kernel/driver, and in the case of insertion/removal of
additional disks.   for example, on the last system i installed (dapper
on a pe 2950), the physical disks of a 4 disk raid set showed up as
sda-d, and the logical raid disk was sde.  guess what  happens if you
add a disk to that raid set when you try to mount sde... the solution 
in my case was to rename the raid disk using udev.  if you look back
about 2 months in the archives, you should see the specific udev
config option i used.

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