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On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 06:15:12PM -0500, Ben Scott wrote:

>  That, incidentally, is my one major displeasure with Dell.  After a
>server is five years old, they will no longer sell me a service
>contract.  For infrastructure, the cut-off should really should be at
>least eight years.  (End-user machines, I could understand.)

When doing board level repair at a previous job, the first step on any
repair was "replace all electrolytic caps" older than 5 years.  Take a
look at the power supply and motherboard and count the number of devices
that get unreliable after that time.

And for the record, it's not age, it's heat.  The ambient heat causes
the paste inside the cap to break down.  Once it gets bad enough, you
start getting more leakage current, which means less capacitance.  Once
that happens, it start heating more from the inside.  Once THAT happens,
the paste starts to leak out of the bottom of the cap from the vent and
onto the motherboard.  The vent has to be there, else you would have
things like exploding capacitors.  Once the guts start leaking, it's all
over but the crying.

I wouldn't warranty something like that past a certain point either.
But electrolytics offer the best capacity versus density for the money,
so it's an economically driven decision to continue using them.

I guess in a way I'm defending mobo manufacturers for planned
obsolescence, but otherwise it would be so expensive that none of us
would want to buy them.
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