Support for Reiser and other things (was: Megaraid with brakes on?)

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Fri Jan 5 17:15:12 CST 2007

On 1/5/07, Eberhard Moenkeberg <emoenke at> wrote:
>>   Indeed.  Worse still, SuSE (historically, one of the biggest
>> supporters of ReiserFS) has decided to stop supporting it.
> Wrong.
> SUSE has decided not to use reiserfs as the default anymore (ext3 is the
> default now).

  I stand corrected.  And there is a big difference between "not
supported" and "not the default".

  That said, I still think the writing is on the wall.  You're allowed
to disagree with me.  :)

> SUSE will support reiserfs at least until 2012 (lifetime of SLES10), maybe
> even longer.

  I still plan on having my filesystems in 2012.

  That isn't a dig against you or SuSE.  It's just that I don't much
care when someone makes a comment like, "... but it will still be
supported until at least X".  Unless you're talking decades, my needs
will outlive the statement.

  That, incidentally, is my one major displeasure with Dell.  After a
server is five years old, they will no longer sell me a service
contract.  For infrastructure, the cut-off should really should be at
least eight years.  (End-user machines, I could understand.)

  I won't touch a Dell network switch for this reason.  HP ProCurve
switches are warrantied forever.

-- Ben

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