Ultrium tape throughput on Poweredge

Jose_De_La_Rosa at Dell.com Jose_De_La_Rosa at Dell.com
Fri Jan 5 09:43:44 CST 2007

You could use tar to back up directly to tape, and then time it. Use
something like:

$ time -p tar cvf /dev/nst0 <dir-to-backup>

"time -p" will give you the number of secs it takes the command to
execute. To get throughput, divide the size of the data (use "du" to get
size) by time. Also check to make sure your CPU and other resources
(i.e. memory) are not overloaded on your system. Have you tried
different tapes?

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We have an Ultrium 2 tape on our dell poweredge server.

But using Yosimite backup software, we get a troughput of 170Mb/min.

I find this so slow??

Are there any other benckmark test I can do to test throughput?

Something via cpio?

Thank you

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