Linux support for PowerVault 124T LTO-3 (PV01124L3)

Eric Rostetter rostetter at
Thu Jan 4 10:31:09 CST 2007

Quoting Tino Schwarze <linux-poweredge.lists at>:

> has anybody experience with the tape autoloader(s)?

Yes, but only DAT and DLT, not LTO.  However, I do know the
124T LTO-3 works, as I've seen people on the amanda list using

> How do I access them from Linux?

Differs slightly for autoloaders and libraries.  But generally you
can either access them like a normal tape drive and manually switch
the tapes, or you can use software like mtx to manage the autoloaders.

> Are they supported by, Amanda, Bacula etc.? What do you
> suggest for tape management?

Yes, you can use RHEL + mtx + Amanda just fine with that model.

No idea about Bacula, etc.

> Thanks,
> Tino.

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