HOWTO use SUU remotly ?

Florent Gilain florent.gilain at
Thu Jan 4 10:22:20 CST 2007

I finally choosed to share the Linux SUU iso file from a windows share and
mount it on each linux sevrer tu run the SUU update;

If it could help, here are the command i ran on each servers using SSH...

mkdir -p /mnt/serveur-bak__LinuxShare
mkdir -p /mnt/suu_cdrom
mount -t smbfs -o username=administrateur,password=MyPassword
//myserver/LinuxShare /mnt/myserver__LinuxShare
mount -o loop -t iso9660 /mnt/myserver__LinuxShare/OM_5.1.1_SUU_LIN_A00.ISO
cd /mnt/suu_cdrom/
./suu -c
./suu -u


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>As others have pointed out SUU can be used from a Remote Location via 
>Network Share on the local system.
>To update the BIOS,Firmware and other software on a Remote RHEL3/RHEL4
>possible under the following scenario:

>1) The remote system has Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
>2) In your Local Machine, Install Dell ITA Assistant and discover the
>3) Use IT Assistant's Remote Software Update  feature (which can take 
>packages from SUU)  to update the Remote system.

>Refer your SUU and ITA User Guide for details.


I tried to do this but our security config do not allow ROOT to logon
remotely through ssh.
And when I use my user that have ROOT GID, my Update finish with the
following error.

Error! User has insufficient privileges to run commmand: omreport

Do anybody help me ?


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