Megaraid with brakes on?

Dan Pritts danno at
Thu Jan 4 09:08:22 CST 2007

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 10:17:19PM -0800, Peter Serwe wrote:
> Oh yeah, if anyone has any great ideas on my /Maildir/ filesystem, do 
> tell.  I'm tempted
> to run Reiser, but kind of scared of it's functionality, or longevity.

I have had good luck with reiser (v3).  I did have one instance where a
filesystem didn't fsck with the fsck that came with the OS (redhat 7.3);
i happened to boot with a livecd of some sort that had a newer reiserfsck
on it, and *that* fixed it.  So make sure you keep up to date with the
reiserfs tools.

Longevity, well there's a trick.  Who knows, given the current legal
situation with Mr. Reiser.

Of your other options, XFS seems to still have critical mass but I don't
hear of many people using JFS.  

the JFS in AIX is rock-solid, but unfortunately the JFS that was
contributed to linux is based on the clean-sheet implementation that was
done for OS/2 (due to unix copyright issues, i believe).  I don't know
that this implementation is NOT stable, but the great stability of AIX
JFS does not carry over to linux.

If you do use XFS, be careful with the kernel stack size, which can be
an issue on 32-bit systems if you also use software RAID.  I don't know
the details but some googling should find them.  I guess 64-bit systems
have bigger stacks and so should be OK.

If you're really having trouble, Maildir format is a bummer, i'd suggest
switching to a better mailbox format, unless you are stuck with using NFS.
And as you surmise, a RAID0 doesn't help you with lots of small files,
and probably hurts.

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