HOWTO use SUU remotly ?

Senthil_OR at Senthil_OR at
Thu Jan 4 08:59:14 CST 2007

Florent Gilain wrote:
>  hummm...installing ITA was what i wanted to do  ;-)) that's why i
> wanted to do it remotly using a simple command line.
> Finally, the problem is to know which package are to be applyed on
> this or this server...and DUP packages names that are on the SUU
> CDROM seem very "unfriendly" for me...

Go to the directory called respository inside the SUU CD and there you find the file:
Select your system and get to know the packages and versions available.
Now you can copy those DUPS only to your remote system using scp and apply them there.
Please remember that BIOS will require a reboot of the system.



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