HOWTO use SUU remotly ?

Senthil_OR at Senthil_OR at
Thu Jan 4 08:23:42 CST 2007

Florent Gilain wrote:
> Do i try to do something silly or stupid ? Is there a better way to
> update my remote RHEL3/4 servers using SUU ?

As others have pointed out SUU can be used from a Remote Location via Network Share on the local system.
To update the BIOS,Firmware and other software on a Remote RHEL3/RHEL4 is possible under the following scenario:

1) The remote system has Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Installed.
2) In your Local Machine, Install Dell ITA Assistant and discover the remote machine.
3) Use IT Assistant's Remote Software Update  feature (which can take packages from SUU)  to update the Remote system.

Refer your SUU and ITA User Guide for details.

> * Do not use the RAC virtual media to run SUU remotely on a system.
>   This procedure breaks the virtual media connection, causing the SUU
>   update procedure to fail. (144487)

I  *think* this suggests, when you are mounting Remote SUU on your local system and if that local system mount point is a RAC virtual media, then rac virtual media connection might fail and this will also cause SUU update to fail.

Hope this helps.


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