Megaraid with brakes on?

Rainer Traut at
Thu Jan 4 03:56:24 CST 2007


Martin Sarsale schrieb:
> Dear all:
> We have a Dell  poweredge 2850 server, running as webserver and we're
> not satisfied with the speed of our RAID hardware. We're not sure if
> we're expecting too much from it or if there's something which is not
> working good.
> We're using RedHat 4 ES, with the ext3 FS. Our RAID controller is Dell
> PowerEdge Expandable RAID controller 4 (rev 06) (according to lspci)
> and we have setup a RAID level 5 with 3 SCSI disks, Seagate Barracuda
> 10k 73gb
> We're using the machine for serving a few million 3k files, sizing up
> ~30gb via HTTP, using the lighttpd webserver.
> The average io-wait for a whole day is ~18.2%, and we've some iostat
> output that is pretty scaring (util is 98.80%).

Look for the "dir_index" option in ext3 filesystems.
This speeds up directory lookup with many files in it.

If you have created the fs during installation this option is afaik 
already set.
But if you have create the fs by hand this option must be added (man 
mkfs.ext3) or set via tune2fs (man tune2fs).


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