PE2850 and DRAC 4/I virtual CD ROM problems

Ludse Verhoeven Ludse.Verhoeven at VOPAK.COM
Thu Jan 4 02:59:39 CST 2007

Hi list,

I'm having problems with a DELL PE2850 system, running RHEL4. The system 
now and then randomly seems to lock. For this I've already found in some 
previous thread (with the same subject) a possible workaround: adding 
'hdf=ide-scsi' to the kernel statement in the /boot/grub/grub.conf. Not 
sure if this really is working (just added the option yesterday and 
rebooted the server, so it's just too soon to tell), but already two 
events caught my eye. The first one is a statement during startup which 
finds the "ide-scsi" being deprecated for cd-burning. Well, I'm not using 
a cd-burner here, so that's not too worrying. Secondly I constantly see a 
new message appear on my console stating that the "Device is not ready. 
Make sure there is a disc in the drive.". This message must be generated 
by the newly added option, since I haven't seen it before, at least not in 
such a rapid way: once every few seconds. Does anybody have an idea how to 
stop these messages and/or what option I should use i.s.o. the 
"hdf=ide-scsi" option I found in the archives?

Thanks in advance,
        Ludse Verhoeven

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