"command response could not be provided"

Senthil_OR at Dell.com Senthil_OR at Dell.com
Wed Jan 3 23:49:29 CST 2007

Rob Munsch wrote:
> Are you saying, then, that the only cause of these odd results would
> be having an old version of the firmware installed on the BMC that
> came with the machine when we bought it?  I'm not sure i really
> understand your suggestion.  I'm looking for the cause of this
> message appearing when the BMC is polled via OpenIPMI.

One of the first thing I can recollect is PE1750 has ESM ( Embedded
Server Management) which is IPMI 1.0 compliant.
IPMITOOL is developed for IPMI 1.5 and 2.0 compliant systems. That
should explain why the temp values you are getting are not proper.


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