MegaRaid SAS CLI question

Joe Malicki jmalicki at
Wed Jan 3 17:28:00 CST 2007

Shane Williams wrote:
> We've got a PE 2950 (running vmware 3) with a failed drive, which I
> pulled out and reseated (as instructed by Dell tech support). I've
> downloaded the MegaCLI tool for the Perc5, and using the -PDList
> command I can see that the disk in question is now rebuilding.  It
> looks like I should be able to use the -PDRbld command to get more
> details on the progress of the rebuild, but I'm having trouble with
> the option syntax (and the Dell tech was as stumped as I was).
> Specifically, I run into trouble with the -PhysDrv arguments. When I
> run: 
> MegaCli -PDRbld -ProgDsply -PhysDrv E0:S3 -a0
> it says: "Invalid input at or near token E".  I've tried it with
> brackets around the E0:S3, brackets in quotes, and several other
> variations, but no matter what I do, it gives the same error.
> So, can someone tell me what the proper command looks like, or what
> other command I can use to get more information about the rebuild
> process?
> Needless to say, I'm not real impressed with the docs that LSI
> provides (the text or pdf versions).
Agreed.  Syntax is probably:

MegaCli -PDRbld -ProgDsply -PhysDrv [1:3] -a0

(first enclosure is 1 for me), also check whether or not your drives are
1 or 0 based for this command (I believe enclosures are 1 based, and
drives 0 based, iirc).

It took us some time to figure that one out as well.

Joe Malicki
Software Engineer
MetaCarta, Inc.

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